• vaxed and proud. Australia, let's get this done so we can get beach days back. Spread pro-vaccination and mental health awareness.

    Vaxed and Aware. Stay safe out there.

$5 from every Vaxed Hat goes to Beyond Blue

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Proudly Vaxed?

Cheers to you for rolling up your sleeve! Be a spreader of pro-Vaxed awareness with our classic trucker Vaxed Hat and crowd favourite (when we're allowed in crowds again). 

Vaxed Hats are here to spread awareness among all age groups that being Vaxed is the responsible thing to do for the sake of a healthy community. Let's spread the word, so we can party again like it's 2019!

Pro Vaxed Awareness

Relax, I'm Vaxed!

Vaxed or Vaxxed?

You might be wondering, why did we choose Vaxed? Well, both words are relatively new, phonetically identical, and being used alternatively around the world. However… the double x version of the word has been weaponised by the “anti-vaXXer movement” and now has negative connotations. This is why we have decided to use “Vaxed” on all our hats - as a positive term for good!!

What really matters is rolling up your sleeve 💪🏼 and doing your bit for society✌🏼


The Vaxed Hat will not protect you or others from getting Covid, it is a hat, not a vaccine. The Vaxed Hat is not a substitute for an actual vaccine. As if we needed to tell you that, but our legal team suggested it...

P.S. We're not doctors, if you are looking for actual Covid health advice go to your State Government Department of Health website or visit your GP.